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I had a scratch on my car seat and every time I open my car door I saw this ugly scratch. It really bothered me, but thanks to Leather Restoration Group the scratch is not there anymore.

Tommy K.

My work requires me to drive a lot, but all this usage made a huge hole in my steering wheel. I was looking around to buy something to put it on top of it and cover the whole. I didn’t like the idea as much, but it was either that or to buy a new steering wheel. As I looked around the internet for a solution I found out about Leather Restoration Group. I am so glad I did. I have the feel and the look of the original steering wheel back.

Lucas A.

I got tired of looking at my old scratched dashboard and decided that I wanted to buy a new dashboard. Finding out that this was not an easy task to do, and hence I am no car mechanic, within days I gave up on this whole idea. Then I found Leather Restoration Group by typing in “auto leather repair Atlanta” in Google and called them. Thanks to them, my old dashboard looks new again! I wish I had done it earlier to spare me from looking at the old one for so long.

Richard O.

This was definitely worth the money. When I went to the dealership the option for repair was not a feasible one. Then I heard about Leather Restoration Group and called them. It saved me over $800 and the service was quick and professional. Great guys!

James S.

It is hard to believe that there ever was a scratch on my leather seat. Leather Restoration Group was so friendly and they did an amazing job. I will definitely refer them to anyone.

Amanda T.